Andela Design Leadership

How I transformed Andela's Design Organization & product offerings.

Project Details

  • Design Leadership Leadership

    Primary Practice Area
  • 2022-Current

  • Head of UX & Product Design

    My Role

Organization Details

  • Global Talent Network

  • $200MM+

    Yearly Revenue
  • 500+



Upon my arrival at Andela, I came to a quick understanding of the organization's vision for the future, the business goals, and ultimately the disparity between the aforementioned and the existing state of the Design team & product offerings. It was clear, from the outset, I had a set of critical business objectives, and I needed to make an immediate impact for the business, and for the teams/employees reporting into me.

Business Overview

Top 5 Business Challenges

  • Develop chat & pay products so the organization can sunset existing expensive subscription services.
  • Develop a self-service client platform.
  • Overhaul the public website.
  • Establish a formal Design Operations practice & Design System.
  • Reimagine the employee experience.


1. Transformed Andela into a leader in delivering world-class talent experiences, & innovative talent cloud products, while achieving high-impact business & user outcomes.
2. Created a highly collaborative environment that fostered growth, adaptability, & scalability, while continuously increasing employee satisfaction ratings (eNPS).
3. Aligned the Design & Product organization roadmaps, and achieved significant company-wide OKRs, like reducing organizational spend on subscription products, increasing Annual Recurring Revenue, and enhancing the employee experience.
4. Established Andela's DesignOps practice, and developed a best-in-class design system that enables the seamless delivery of world-class products and experiences.

Developing World-Class, Innovative Products That Save The Organization Money & Create Impactful User Outcomes

Andela Chat

Andela Chat is a messaging platform for our 250,000+ member global talent organization. Andela Chat enabled the organization to sunset Slack as the talent community's messaging platform. This resulted in massive subscription savings.  Additionally, Andela talent praised the platform for its rich features, its high usability, and its seamless ability to connect the community.


AndelaPay is our in-house, cutting edge talent payment platform. Much like Andela Chat, AndelaPay allowed us to sunset numerous subscription-based payment platforms, like Payoneer and Cadana. Additionally, the talent network praised the platform's ease of use, its robust financial insights, & its speed to process payroll.
Business Outcome
$5M+ Yearly Savings
Andela Chat, along with AndelaPay, save the organization over $5M per year in subscription costs.
User Outcome
84 & 80 NPS
Andela Chat achieved an NPS of 84, while AndelaPay achieved an NPS of 80.

Delivering An AI-Driven Self-Service Talent Platform

Andela Client Portal

Powered by Generative AI & advanced Machine Learning technology, Andela Client Portal enables clients to source, assess, hire, manage, and pay global technical talent from one unified self-service platform. The Client Portal enables Andela to scale business operations by taking on new clients, in a fully autonomous/automated manner, with minimal need for, and cost of, additional sales and support personnel.

Business Outcome
$30M+ ARR
Andela Client Portal generates $30M+ in Annual Recurring Revenue for the organization. And, it requires little-to-no internal sales support to operate, saving the organization additional money in human capital.
User Outcome
85 NPS
Andela Client Portal achieved an NPS of 85.

Overhauling The Public Website

Website Before

Website After

From WordPress to Webflow

When I landed at Andela, the public website was a messy conglomeration of page types managed in a broken implementation of WordPress. New landing pages took 3-4+ weeks to launch. Even basic content changes or updates took weeks to execute. I selected the Webflow platform/CMS, in order to enhance the stability, velocity, and scalability of Andela's public website. Additionally, it served as the initial testing ground for Andela's Epic Design System.

Business Outcome
<3 Days
The new Webflow public website needs less than 3 days to accomplish a new landing page launch, and only 1 day for the majority of updates.
Business Outcome
Easy Mgmt
The new Webflow public website is significantly easier to manage, resulting in a significant increase in organization/employee morale, across business units.
User Outcome
81 NPS
The newly revamped public website achieved an NPS of 81.

Creating A Design Operations Practice

The single source of truth

In order to organize, streamline, and scale Andela's approach to product development, I established a comprehensive DesignOps practice, & developed Epic Design System to solve the core organizational problems I encountered as I worked to globally scale the Design Organization, & our product offerings.

Business Outcome
Reduction In hand-off time.
Business Outcome
Reduction in design & development errors..
Business Outcome
Increase in overall product development efficiency,
Employee/User Outcome
+25 eNPS
Achieved an average eNPS increase of 25 across Design, Product, & Development (as rated by the design, product, & development teams).

Enhancing The Employee Experience

The core pillars of the reimagined employee experience

1. Clear career growth paths. Throughout my career as a design leader, I learned the importance of fostering a design culture that promotes both personal and career growth. To kickstart the reimagined employee experience, I established a formalized, clear career growth path for every functional role, and incorporated consistent checkpoints with each employee to ensure they were consistently on track to achieve their desired growth goals.

2. Continued/ongoing education. In order to foster a culture of individualized/personal growth, I created a program to reimburse employees for all book purchases & led a monthly UX Book Club meeting; created a formal budget to pay for employees to obtain leading industry certifications; created a substantial per-employee budget for training programs, industry conferences, & other educational opportunities.

3. Industry leading compensation package. I engaged a firm to conduct market research on our compensation packages. With the research data in-hand, I overhauled the compensation plans to ensure they are industry-leading.

4. Cultivating a collaborative community. I established monthly virtual events for employees to gather and talk about topics important to them, like emerging technology, design & product trends, innovation, and anything else they'd like to share with the team. Additionally, I created special activities, outings, and collaboration sessions when we gather together in person, making sure we have the opportunity to do-so at least twice per year, or more. I also developed special hack days every month, where team members can collaborate together on special innovation projects.

5. Creating consistent opportunities for recognition & rewards. I engaged executive HR stakeholders, and established a comprehensive recognition and rewards program, which was eventually adopted company-wide.

6. Flexible staffing plan. I enacted a flexible staffing program that allowed my directors and senior managers to utilize our talent network, at-will, when staff augmentation was needed to achieve business or product goals/milestones/timelines. This significantly cut down on team members feeling overwhelmed & overworked, and helped contribute to a positive work/life balance, while increasing overall team morale. Additionally, I ensured there was a path for long-term contractors to become full-time employees. Finally, I created a streamlined process to assess, plan, & budget for permanent, full-time employees.

7. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. I ensured both design and product teams were organizational leaders in Andela's DEI initiatives.

Employee Outcome
82 eNPS
When I took over the design and product organizations, the overall eNPS of both was substandard. After the latest 2023 survey, both organization's boast an eNPS of 82.
Business Outcome
3X Growth
I achieved over a 3X increase in full-time employee hiring. The design and product team started with 5 members, and I built the organization into a 15+ member team.
Business Outcome
98% Retention
Through well-defined career paths, significant opportunities for ongoing education, industry-leading compensation packages, and a cutting edge remote work environment, I have been able to achieve a 98% employee retention rate.